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Vendor booths are available for individuals and business selling food, merchandise or services.

The cost of booth space is dependent on its size

as outlined below:

Vendor Pricing.JPG
* Military and Veteran organizations please contact the administration office for special pricing.

Freq. Asked Questions

Q:  When are vendors expected to set up?

A:  Vendor set up begins at noon on Thursday September 29 and all set up must be complete by 5PM on September 30.

Q:  When are vendors expected to be at the booth?

A:  On show days Vendors must enter grounds and be open by 9AM. No Vendor vehicles will be permitted through gate after 9AM.

Q:  When are vendors expected to pick up their packets?

A:  Each Vendor must pick-up their Vendor packages on Thursday. Packets will contain location for booth, parking and staff credentials. No Packets will be issued without payment.

Q:  Power and Generators?

A:  There is no availability of electric on the grounds. Generators may be used but must be quiet generators.

Q:  Taxes and Fees?

A:  Each Vendor is responsible for collecting applicable taxes and reporting as required.

Q:  When can vendors remove their booth?

A:  Vendors cannot remove their booth until after 5PM on Sunday. 

Q:  What if I can't remove my booth on Sunday?

A:   Monday, October 3 will also be an option for booth and equipment removal.

Q:  Can I use the Blue Angel Logo and Images?

A:  Any materials that have Blue Angels reference, logo or colors must be approved by the Blue Angels.

Q:  Who is supplying the Tents?

A:  The Vendor Ramp has secure tie downs to attach your tent lines for safety. No holes are permitted to be drilled in Ramp. Vendor must provided their own tent.

Q:  Trash and Trash Bins?

A:  All Vendors are responsible for securing their trash. Trash bins will be distributed throughout the grounds and large roll off dumpsters will be provided. 

Q:  Dumping of Water and other Materials?

A:  No dumping onto the ground or ramp of any materials is allowed.

Q:  What if there is an Emergency?

A:  Emergency contact information must be provided.

Q:  Insurance Requirements?

A:  No Booth will be provided with a packet and passes without proof of insurance as described on application form.

Q:  Does it get windy at the Airshow?

A:   While we have secure tie downs for your tent please be prepared for the wind for your merchandise and materials.

Q:  Can we purchase Ice as a Vendor?

A:   We will have an ice truck on site for the purchase of bags of ice.

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