October 7th & 8th, 2017

Airshow Adventures


Precision Exotics will be at the airshow displaying their Ferrari F430 and their Lamborghini Gallardo. There is more to their visit though....you can book a driving experience in the cars!  

Visit www.precisionexotics.com to book a driving experience in the Precision Exotic fleet.


The American Aeronautical Foundation (AAF) will be displaying the B-25 "Executive Sweet" during the airshow, and will be selling rides to fly after the show! If you've ever wanted to take a ride in a World War II bomber, here's your opportunity!

Visit www.aafgroup.org for more information, and call 1-805-377-2106 to book your ride!


The Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing will be at the Aviation Roundup with the P-51 Mustang "Man'O'War." The CAF will be selling rides in the P-51 during the airshow. This is a very rare opportunity to be able to fly in a P-51 Mustang, so if you have the dream of flying in this World War II Warbird, here's your chance!!

Visit the CAF SoCal webpage to book your ride in one of the hottest fighters of World War II. 


What better way to finish up the day after watching the Golden Knights jump team, than to go up with Skydive Lake Tahoe for a jump. You will be connected in tandem to your professional skydiving instructor as you jump from 10,000' AGL for a scenic view of Lake Tahoe as you freefall. Once your chute opens, you glide quietly down to the airshow below.
Skydive Lake Tahoe will be doing tandem jumps after the airshow. You can book your jump on the Skydive Lake Tahoe Webpage.


 Want to experience the thrill of being a fight pilot? At the 2017 Aviation Roundup, you can!! Sky Combat Ace offers a fully acrobatic ride, and the ability to dogfight other aircraft. Watch the Thunderbirds do their aerobatics, then go for a ride with Sky Combat Ace and feel the exhilaration!
Sky Combat Ace will be selling rides at the airshow, but you can also book your ride in advance at the Sky Combat Ace webpage.